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Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense’s

Doral´s Premier Martial Arts / Fitness Changing Lives in Doral since 1998
Welcome to Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense’s We have been changing lives in Miami-Doral since 1998. This web site is dedicated to educating and spreading the health and physical benefits of kettlebells and other functional fitness exercises since 2004. We are proud to have been the first web site dedicated to kettlebell training in the Greater Miami area.
Why Train at Anta’s
Bored with your workout, has the gym, personal training, bootcamps, aerobics classes, and fitness videos failed to meet your expectations? Have you been injured following the current fitness fad? Then Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is for you.

Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth? Then why would you train with a trainer that is not in optimum shape? Julio Anta has been training people since the 80’s, before the word personal trainer existed.
Train With Bodybuilding Champion and Fitness Pioneers

Train with Julio Anta, 2017 South Florida Bodybuilding Champion Over 60, certified Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor. He is the published author of “Anta’s Ageless Warrior Fitness” book. Anta is a Miami fitness pioneer. Julio was the first instructor in South Florida to get certified in Battling Ropes by the originator John Brooksfield and in Indian Clubs by Dr. Ed Thomas. He is a certified personal trainer, numerous other fitness certifications and martial arts certifications with multiple black belts. Please go to instructors for complete biography and certifications.

Elena Anta got certified in Piloxing at the first ever Piloxing certification in California. She was the only instructor that was not from California to get certified. She is also certified as a Pilates Mat, Pilates Apparatus, MMA Fitness, Piloxing Knockout and Fitness Kickboxing instructor.

Numerous celebrities and athletes have trained at Anta’s.
What Can We Do For You
Transform your body to the body you always wanted that will not only look good at the beach but you’ll be strong, flexible, have more energy and be able to handle life challenges. We can guide you and motivate you to get in the best shape of your life through our functional training classes, without the injuries associated with some functional training programs. We’ll work around your current injuries to get you fit.

Sweat your way to a healthier body to achieve your weight loss, weight gain, muscle building or fitness goals. We will use kettlebells, Indian clubs, Airfit, sandbags, kickboxing, MMA bags, calisthenics and more to help our us provide you with an array of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.

We can also keep track of your weight, body fat composition and help you start a healthy eating program.
Kettlebell Training

Julio Anta is certified as a kettlebell trainer with numerous organizations starting in 2004. In Anta’s Fitness Bootcamp in every class you will train with kettlebells (KB). If you would like to perfect your KB technique or train only in kettlebells we offer private KB classes.

Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is a fully equip and certified kettlebell training center. Only private classes currently available.
We offer fitness classes XFT (Xtreme Functional Training) Fitness Bootcamp (Only private classes currently available), We also have a fun and exciting Muay Thai Kickboxing class. Take your first step call us today at 305 599-3649.

We also offer private Pilates, kettlebells and personal training.

Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is located at 10721 NW 58 St, Miami (Doral) For more information call  us  at  305 599-3649 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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